one of the main tools of HSE culture development and institutionalization of issues involved, holding related education workshops by using skilled and expert professors with scientific and practical experience. Now, many of companies consider various kinds of courses with different topics as their education calender that usually translation from great oil companies calender or accordance with their intended courses. it should be noted that, in addition to course suggested content, most important thing in a successful course is using of skilled and professional proffesors which is often neglected and for this reason, many courses do not meet the desired level of scientific and required efficiency.unfortunately, many courses are held only for issurance certification and lack of operational and effective outputs.
"Bam Farayand System" company is attempting to collect usefull and various HSE courses according to its deep committment and organization’s mission to develop the sciences and professional HSE topics and fundamental culture in the related fields.
The target is primarily, focus on basic courses and always need to have professional and famous professors with the experience in scientific centers and also operational experience, has been emphasized from eduaction department of this company.
This commitment and relieve lead to collect a set of well- known and famous professors, grandee and owners of famous publications in order to offering purest and most technical issues of safety, helath and environment in the form of continuous educational program to their fans. To say the academic department of scientific complex of ‘’ Bam Farayand System’’ company is the strongest and most technical complex of skilled personnel in the field of HSE and technical inspection of ‘’Bam Farayand System’’ is ready to holding all required courses in persian and english by using internal or external professor, other facilities of educational department of ‘’ Bam Farayand System’’ company is holding professional education courses and scientific visit tours in different parts of the world.
Education by using the most skilled international professors in english with visiting operational and industrial sites in world and find tangible and operational considered fields in courses, visually is of the tours features. All educational courses are holding in two forms, internal (in the locations of applicant companies and facilities) or external ( in the nearest location based on ‘’ Bam Farayand System’’ company opinion). All courses can also be classified in 2 categories:
1)courses offered by the education department of ‘’ Bam Farayand System’’
2)courses in demand for companies outside the curriculum
In the first kind of courses, it is suffcient that applicant complete the application form for educational courses and send it. Then initial actions for holding courses take place immediately.
For ordering proposed courses, it is required to complete proposed course form and send it. After the necessary checking by faculty of Bam Farayand System company, skilled and informed professors in this field are identified and after topics and booklets codification, training courses will be held at the highest possible level.