Statistics related urban accident, losses due to dipping in the city-wide, statistics related pedestrian accident, vulnerability critical age based on events, risky points in terms of citizenship safety, statistics on urban pollution in a year and … all of these are the requirements for designing planning control plans and preventive and also planning for the optimal allocation of hardware and software resources for health, safety and the environment.
Experience the activity in the field of health, safety and environment in the major industries of the country, especially the experience of deploying the HSE management system, is a valuable experience that will enhance the reliability of the implementation of studies based on the actual needs of the employer and in accordance with its operational characteristics, Areas of municipal activity ... The experience of establishing and designing an HSE management system in the oil industry and in the power industry is necessary for the consultant of this company.
In this regard, company of Bam Farayand System is ready to provide the following services in order to increase the level of safety, health and environment :