Corrosion management services
Corrosion management is an issue that is required by different industries especially oil and gas industry in this period. Since direct and indirect costs due to corrosion, allocate a significant portion of operating costs and according to the fact that many oil industry production units such as petrochemical and refinery complex were delegated to private sector, reducing operating costs is inevitable. Despite the valuable effort of skilled managers and experts of industries and solve many of the exist problems and bottlenecks continuously, we continue to see large and small events, sudden stops of operating units due to leakage in the equipment or particle erosion. Fortunately, with collective effort, within early 25 years, corrosion knowledge in oil industry is institutionalized and many of technologies in order to protect the facilities against corrosion have been used. Therefore, despite all the advances, it is hope that oil industry require corrosion management system. Only with the establishment of the corrosion management system based on an appropriate organizational structure, appropriate targeting, monitoring and inspection procedure based on risk assessment and classification, data base for store and analyze data and identify reasonable and achievable performance index, the system management will be able to see effects of all conservation proceedings and resulting costs, in improving corrosion condition in operational units, quantitatively.
Undoubtedly, the establishment of an efficient and proper corrosion management system in industries such as oil, cause reduce accidents, environmental and human damage, sudden stops in production and significant economic saving. In this regard, a book entitled ‘’ corrosion management in oil, gas and petrochemical industry’’ as the first book in this field in Iran, is wrote by Dr. Emad Roayaei, outstanding expert in this field and faculty member of Bam Farayand System, and Mohammad Hasanzadeh, a member of technical inspection department of Bam Farayand System. This book is used to institutionalized corrosion management system in Iran’s industries as a road map.
Therefore, Bam Farayand System company will be honored to cooperate different industries to provide consulting and technical engineering services in order to establish a corrosion management system.
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