Bam Farayand System company as one of the fire engineering design center in the country and with skilled experts, for the first time, collect a set that have modern technical knowledge and coincide with modern standards in order to provide the most up to date technical knowledge to present engineering and technical services about fire and explosion protection systems for manufacturing, management and services industries and in this way, it is preparing various packages for users.
"Bam Farayand System" is ready to present all the services related to these systems by using the most elite ecperts in the field of protection systems engineering.
Fire engineering department of Bam Farayand System has one of the most skilled work team in this field by using ecperienced and active personnel with experience in the most complex process sites of our country and well –known designers and famous people of fire fields. Range of technical and professional services in fire engineering field, shows our ability. We always offer you the best, because :
"You Deserve The Best"

Undoubtedly one of the most important safety devices ( tools) in industrial facilities and factories is using effcient and convenient protection systems, yet without the operational complexities against different fires. Bam Farayand System company with vision based on international standards and scientific relation with local and international professional centers as a pioneer in fire engineering issues, provide all services related to design, installation, implementation, maintenance and goods supply. Among the services, the department include the following :
Water-supply fire fighting systems (water supply, spray systems, sprinkle, etc)
Foam-based fire fighting systems
Automatic gas extinguishing systems ( total flooding system)
Fire and gas detection systems ( F & G system)
Fire detection systems in office buildings ( Addressable & conventional)

engineering and technical ability together beside providing required goods professionally and also skilled executive team, providing the possibility of presenting quality and professional services with highest standards for Bam Farayand System company. We allways want to be the best in every field because we believe :
You Deserve The Best
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Fire risk assessment is of fire engineering fundamentals and of advanced topics in control and reduce the consequences of accidents leading to fire and the fire events. Fire risk assessment, systematic process in order to assess potential risk hazards in industrial environments and measure the risk of the financial and human risks.
Identification of potential fire risks and including fire hazards of hazardous areas, an extensive process that only under quite consistent condition and using up to date knowledge based on team work and accurate engineering calculation, is possible.
Fire risk assessment focused on the potential fire risk assessment, the consequences of fire, crisis centers in creation of variety of fires, and finally control, reduce and manage it, is one of the risk assessment methods, which unfortunately has been negelected in Iran’s industries especially process industries. Bam Farayand System company in the light of update global resources and collaboration with the most valid international organizations in this regard, is trying to take steps to institutionalized this knowledge and expertise in various industries. In this regard, the company decided to establish fire risk assessment methods for different industries in Iran. Fire risk assessment under the supervision of fire engineering qualified experts and with experiences of skilled fire engineering teams of different industries, is the best offer from Bam Farayand System company for your system to create a safer and more reliable environment.
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In the current circumstances, maintaining the desired level of performance of existing equipments and systems is more important than any other factor and protection systems against fire were nit an exception.
Minimal necessary cost for maintenance and serivicing of these services compared to the costs of installation, restrictions caused by the sanctions and exchange rate, lack of access to dominant after-sales service of main seller in Iran and …. Has led to increase importance of this issue.
Maintaining and servicing of exisiting protection systems against fire, systems debugging and ensure the proper functioning, is one of the most important factors in achieving the appropriate level of safety in facilities and factories and cuase to ensure the efficiency of the systems during the warning. An expert team of fire engineering department of Bam Farayand System company while visiting the existing service systems related to maintenance, do servicing and debugging of these systems.
A comprehensive review of existing systems and present solution of debugging, present maintenance and modification programs , determine the needs of parts to ensure fast system servicing after possible faliures, are of the objectives of these services. For further information, please contact us.
The necessity of ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of existing protection systems against fire, assess the performance level of operating teams, maintain readiness for responsing in emergency situations, implementation of Gap Analysis studies, provide a comprehensive map and prospect of continuous improvement, consider the equipment performance level, consider the ability of different units and managers in fire outbreak and explosion and how to manage and reaction in this situation, assess the weakness, strength and critical operational points and etc, all specify necessity and importance of comprehensive fire assessment.
"Bam Farayand System" for the first time in Iran, implemented the comprehensive plan of fire assessment with the following scopes :
Visit the facilities, assess the situation, determine the critical points by holding technical and professional meeting.
Zoning different areas and provide comprehensive scenarios based on fire calculations and modeling of incidents and consequences by using engineering softwares.
Choose one of the scenarios for operation implement.
Holding technical and justification meetings in the field of various aspects os accidents and technical review of all automatic and non-automatic equipments such as spray system, fire fighting vehicle, fire pump, fire loop and ….
Holding maneuvers by using the capacity of the facilities and cooperation of different units with skilled and trained operation team of "Bam Farayand System" company.
Implement evacuation operation based on done modeling, as well as doing rescue operation along with original fire fighting operations.
Present a comprehensive report related to level, quality and effectiveness of existing equipment in facilities, level of operational personnel performance and crisis management with determination of critical and dangerous points.
Holding educational meetings according to existing shortcomings.
Present consultant in order to debugging.

What is more implement in carrying out maneuvers and training operations, is cooperation trained and skilled team to conduct maneuver and orient to these exercise. In addition to operational team, enjoyment of enginners and specialists in the field of fire engineering for technical and scientific system assessment is an important factor that plays a significant role in the comprehensive audit of fire. Cooperation of first fire engineering graduates and professors of oil industry university with trianed operational team in accrediated centers that meet these needs.
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The importance of experience in fire fighting team is no secret, experience transfer is possible and professional courses and field maneuvers through experienced and professional people that have experience to be in multiple fire fighting in their career and also be educated of necessary educations for officer and organize the training maneuvers.
"Bam Farayand System" have one of the most ready work teams to holding training maneuvers and courses by using trained operation team in valid proffesional centers and experienced people.
Holding maneuver and operation by fire fighting teams of industries and factories with the help pf this team cause transfer experiences about fire fighting and holding professional maneuvers.
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Emergency evacuation is a risk management strategy that can be used as a tool for reducing effects from emergency conditions or disaster on taget populations.
This process involves the planned and targeted displacement of people in certain circumstances to a more secure location. In order to be effective of emergency evacuation, this process must be properly planned and implemented. In addition to planning , proper design of this process is one of the main needs in emergency evacuation plans.
Design main routes, dimensions and location of ememrgency evacuation doors and many others; including information that be considered in emergency evacuation plan.

Emergency evacuation planning principle include :
Determination of legal authorities that are be responsible for discharge
Establishment of appropriate management structure
Clearly define roles and responsibilities
Preparation of proper and flexible programs
Notification and effective warning system
Ensure the ability to move
Creating and maintaining confidence and cooperation between the communities affected.
Supply and provisions of welfare services at all stages
And finally training the provided programs.

Kinds of evacuations:
In order to planning, all the evacuations should be included in the two following categories :
Immediate evacuation : evacuation due to hazard that force us to do quick action and therefore preparedness and alarm time for that hazard is very low or it will not exist. For example, incidents involving leakage of hazardous materials requires quick action.
Evacuation with previous warning : evacuation due to event that have enough preparedness and alarm time. Bam Farayand System company is ready to present services about design and planning professionally to industrial centers, urban services and other organizations and institutions such as hospitals, sport halls, training places and etc.