Nowadays, importance and position of HSE in different industries is obvious, given the increasing attention of institution and industrial units to related issues of HSE, unfold efficiency and effectiveness of HSE-based management systems, increasing development of national and international regulations in the field of helath, safety and environment, all make HSE position as one of the pillars of operational and organizational units, obvious to everyone.
Accordingly, HSE settlement and thus HSE management system placed on the agenda of most large and small industries.
But it should be noted that the system, according to its own coordinates and special features, require abundant expertise and experience in planning, implementing and running and should not simply let is pass.
Bam Farayand System company with pride and trying on its huge wealth of own human resources experience, is ready to be your advisor and depositary in the route of establishment and institutionalization of this culture and knowledge in your organization.
A wide range of services of Bam Farayand System company in this field certainly responder of needs and demands of your company.

Health, safety and environment management system (HSE-MS) as part of the organization should be designed in a way to accommodate the organization’s management system, dynamic, comprehensive and pervasive system with conprehensive, equionderant and together approach to helath, safety and environment issues. Having two components, technical expertise and experience are of basic accessories in achieving a confident process for planning of effective and efficient system. Technical nobility of the operational and process structure of organization, along with dominating on a wide range of HSE issues, are two basic requirements in the establishment of HSE management in an organization.
HSE management unit of engineering- technical company, ‘’Bam Farayand System’’ , always emphasize on neccessity of effectiveness of system establishment in a tangible and specific way to managers, and with planning, implementation, executing basically and professionally, monitoring the effectiveness of the system to be a trustee advisor of employer to achieve a satisfactory and effective result.
The establishment of HSE management system is a process that is planned based on culture, education and use of successful experiences in the organization and the other similar organizations. In this field, it is necessary to planning basic structure of HSE management system by combining experiences of organization’s personnel and by providing training and determining of main route besides using of consultant’s expertise.
HSE management department of ‘’Bam Farayand System’’ company firmly has the most powerful and longest technical support team for the establishment of the HSE management system. For technical details, please contact us. We are on your side all along the route to achieve the best possible outcome because we believe.
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Perhaps, it could be said that the main part of the management systems specially quality management and HSE management systems, is powerful and effective documentation.
In fact, the base documentation is the base and promary need for all studies, monitoring and control and preventing proceedings. That is why a major part of management standards and also HSE management is dedicated to the documentation.
But it should be noted that if the documents are not effective, not only doesn’t have its own possible effects but also have abundant harms, including time-consuming activities, be too cumbersome and….
That is why the documents should be updated and dynamica and more importantly, prepared and developed tailored to the activities modes and specific characteristics of each organization and this is something that has been neglected in our management systems. This means that the most our documents always be translation of other companies’ documents and local needs and conditions of companies are not included in their development and definition.
‘’Bam Farayand System’’ company, by having one of the most professional teams in the field of HSE and quality issues, is ready to prepare all documents required by organizations, factories and industrial facilities according to their operational conditions and specifications in a specialized way. Editing documents in farsi and english and also provide a software data base available on request is of other facilities and capabilities of ‘’Bam Farayand System’’ company in this field.

Examples of documentations :
Comprehensive guide for health, safety and environment (HSE manual)
Regulations and master plan for health, safety and environment (HSE plan)
Instruction and contractors management system
Instruction and change management system
Policies (quality policy, safety management, environmental management, organizational mission, environment free of tobacco,etc)
A variety of HSE guidelines
Working methods
Management charters
A variety of HSE check lists
Increased development of specialized safety engineering issues led to increase domain of sciences and methods of this field day by day, undoubtedly having an efficient and dynamic system, maximum decreasing of rate of accidents and minimize lost time injury, promote safety of manpower and process safety assurance need to move in line with scientific stream and modern of safety engineering. While assure of using the latest scientific methods of valid references, ensure continuous improvement and moving toward the objectives of organization’s policy. Today, importance of expert consultations in the field of safety and fire protection systems, management, technical-specialized and operational consultation,in the field of extensive discussions of HSE is no secret.
Undoubtedly, an organization can neither logical nor justified that have related manpower for each specialty. Therefore, use of consultant as the technical arm of companies is extended day by day.
‘’Bam Farayand System’’ company with strong, expert and effective faculty and also communication with great local and international scientific authorities, are ready to provide all kinds of technical- specialized advice and technical audits and reviews, inspection and prepare punch list, review and fix defects of existing systems, providing technical advices and other related things.
Our goal is to be the best because :
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Almost all small and large industries traditionally with having various units associated with safety and health, implementing traditional tasks of these two categories as separate and track them. Also over the years since the beginning of the industrial units and small and large changes in designs, changes in equipments and process structure and many other factors cause a lack of uniformity and integrity of the equipments and facilities. On the other hand, the lack of an overview and detailed view of HSE to facilities in the human and facilities and hardware dimensions, possible fossilization of many instructions and procedures and many other factors together can not leas to provide an overall conclusion of system exist status in terms of HSE, because of the lack of attention to the overall assessment of facilities that named Site Evaluation Report or SER in HSE engineering science. In these studies, facilities throughly and critically are examined and monitored from the perpectives of HSE.
These reviews include review of adequacy of manpower and determine status in terms of manpower, review software things such as guidelines, procedures and support infrastructure and finally hardware review of equipments related to HSE such as fire protection systems, fire-fighting vehicles, personnel protection equipment and …..
In SER studies, the main factor of combined experience and knowledge so that review facilities status from both perspective and accordingly, the resulted conclusion of this process and reform programs and developed action after that, is consistent with the technical and operational realities. Bam Farayand System company for the first time in Iran, offer full services of facilities evaluation. For more information, please contact us.
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What is important in today’s competitive market, are customer safisfaction and gain his peace of mind, which achieve it seems very difficult due to high variety of products, intense competition and the colorful advertising. Of course, systematic management standards and systems is one of the important and effective points in this field.
Standards which are voucher of observance of improving quality level criteria, commitment to environmental issues and also attention to occupational health and safety and other parameters.

Preventing, national and international legislation
The need to reduce costs imposed by the old and inefficient management systems that preventing prgress and continuous improvement of the quality level in addtion to their failure.
Attention to reducing costs of damage and personal injury.
High value of skilled and experienced manpower and trying to keep it as companies’ main assets.
Show the attention to environmental issues and taking importance to environment as a trust for future generations
And dozens of other thing, all of reasons for increased interest to standards and management systems based on them.
Integrated Management System (IMS)(ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) is one of the most famous and the most efficient management system based on international standards that its importance is increased continuously and become a requirement in trade and industry world and market little by little.
From other management standards that have abundant fan in trade and industry world, one can nore information security management (ISO 2007) , energy management (ISO 50001) , customer satisfaction standard (ISO 10001) and…..
Unfortunately, Now, the majority of management systems establishement projects in Iran are implemented by completely commercial companies with unskilled personnel. The only purpose of these projects is obtaining related licenses and commercial use of them. An experinece that is seen frequently during his consultations. Such an approach not only doesn’t result wonderful benefits reffered to as system management but also cause additional costs, lack of performance and spend plenty of time.
Now, majority of companies that are active in this field, look to this problem only in an empirical way and proceed to establish management system to all their clients in a clear and uniform manner and quite repetitive.
So most used documents and procedures are quite similar and repetitive which is in contradiction with nature of these system that is attention to grand features in any system. In such circumstances, the need for a scientific and systematic approach and based on the specialized principle in this field is flaunted more than ever.
‘’Bam Farayand System’’ company is working with a completely new approach to develop and promote scientific and practical standards related to quality and health, safety and environmental issues in Iran’s industries.
Ensure specialized commercial and industrial units.
Attention to operational needs of each unit and main indexes in each system
Try to establish targeted and efficient by ensuring the effectiveness of the continuous progress
Establishement of the unit in a completely exclusive with difference and features of the unit.
All of the objectives of Bam Farayand System company.

We ensure to all our dear customers that we are always be with them and be their worthy advisor on the path of growth and continuous development. Because we believe that.
"you deserve the best"
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Planning and presenting emergency response plan and executing related maneuvers.
One of the most key and main elements in the successful management systems is the need of preparedness and planning for emergency response in the crisis situations, the important of this topic in management issues of the extent to which a branch of management is dedicated to it with title “ crisis management’’.
Maybe, the word crisis management in the first instance, reminder and associate of the actions after the occurrence and crisis situations aoutbreaks, but in fact what most important than this phase of work, is identifying and hazard controlling step.
Thus, crisis management and emergency response in addition to monitoring the performance of systematic and pre-established, after the crisis is occurred, also proceed hazard identifying and control ways and risks that lead to occure emergency situations and looking for solution about consequences reducing. Also reports about events and analysis after the occurrence of big and small events, show that lack of preparedness after the emergency situation, increasing severity and domain of events and bring irreparable consequences. These points show the need for planning of comprehensive ememrgency response plan as well.
Identify and assessment of circumstances and consequences dimensions based on software modeling, technical meeting,etc.
Formantion of profile of target populations in a specialized way.
Formation of emergency response headquarters (HQ crisis)
Create and provide of necessary equipment infrastructure
Codification of response plans, according to multiple conditions including emergency evacuation, rescue, fire fighting and process changing.
Identifying management and risk assessment programs
All part of the comprehensive plan for the crisis situations management that is required for having a complete and comprehensive reaction plan.
‘’Bam Farayand System’’ company is ready to hold exercising- training maneuvers and also related training courses with comprehensive planning of crisis situations. Providing all the necessary requirements and related documents are all our specialty.
We assure you to set assurance with peaceful for you and your industrial complex with scientific, technical and specialized planning of emergency response scheme. Technical and operational with your skilled and experienced experts, are planning peculiar scheme for you according to your activity dimensions. We say with confidence that we always seek to offer the best because : ‘’ you deserve the best’’.
Nowadays, importance and position of HSE in different industries is obvious, given the increasing attention of institution and industrial units to related issues of HSE, unfold efficiency and effectiveness of HSE-based management systems, increasing development of national and international regulations in the field of helath, safety and environment, all make HSE position as one of the pillars of operational and organizational units, obvious to everyone.
Unit establishment or HSE management is one of the most obvious parameters in order to achieve sightly goals in organizations, large and small industrial plants and factories. Today, with the wrong thinking, traditional units that have been formed on safety and fire existing units foundations in industries, are changed to HSE units only by changing the name of the above units.
While it sholud be noted that the HSE issue is much broader and wider than the old activities, now, safety engineering, attention to environmental and environment engineering issues and also occupational health, all are of the activities of the HSE unit that each of them has its own expertise and dimensions according to the nature of the under consideration industry.
Bam Farayand System company is ready to taking responsibility of unit establishment or HSE management in factories, industries and organizations so that take firm steps toward the institutionalization of HSE system and culture in mother industries. Certainly, according to the necessity of compensating the existing gaps in terms of skilled personnel and working procedures between the new HSE unit and the others in various industries, it is necessary to do fact, accurate,scientific and calculated ( logical) actions to provide every thing that require to ensure efficient and effective system deployment. In HSE unit esteblishment, having qualified and skilled manpower is one of the main factors.
Expertise and experience are 2 basic criteria in the evaluation of manpower in HSE issues and obviously a large part of HSE issues is based on manpower.
Bam Farayand System company in line with its duty to provide safe and healthy workplaces, put the preparation skilled manpower in various HSE issues with regard to the operational needs of companies and organization as one of their working programs. We guarantee experience and performance of all personnel that under the supervision of our company and we ensure that introduce you the skilled personnel with scientific and practical experience that compliance with your activity. We always want the best for you because :
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